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A Legacy of Excellence and Values

60 years of educational excellence and community service have shaped Perdaus into a beacon of Islamic education and empowerment. Discover the transformative impact of our long-standing commitment to nurturing young minds.

Nurturing Future Leaders

Empowering the next generation with leadership skills rooted in Islamic values. At Perdaus, we cultivate future leaders through innovative educational programs and active community involvement, preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Safe and Supportive Learning Environment

Providing a secure and nurturing setting for all students to explore their potential. At Perdaus, we create spaces where learning is engaging, safe, and inclusive.

About Us

Perdaus has a 50-year history of providing educational and leadership development services to the community.

Today, Perdaus is a Muslim non-profit organisation whose core programmes evolve around equipping the community with critical knowledge and skills that will shape the development of a virtuous and progressive society. Our services touch each member of the family, from the very young to those several generations older.

Donation and Zakat

Why Should I Give Zakat to Perdaus?

Zakat is an obligation for all Muslims who meet the Zakat criteria. As a centre for education, outreach, and da'wah in aspiring to our vision of a righteous society, your Zakat contributions will help in our efforts to enrich the community and beyond.

Increase your rewards by giving generously to Perdaus, a charity with a vision of building a righteous society.

Core Services


Iyad Perdaus nurtures children under its care with passion and love to become morally upright individuals who are life-long learners that are passionate and full of knowledge.

Weekend Madrasah

Madrasah Perdaus offers quality, holistic and structured weekend Islamic education for children who are from the pre-school level to primary and secondary level to be proud Muslims.

Post-sec Programmes

As an extension of the part-time Islamic education offered in Madrasah Perdaus, post-secondary Islamic education in Perdaus for youth hopes to further develop the potential of the young Muslim into a leader.

ALIM for Adult Participants

ALIM (Kelas Agama Dewasa) is a series of modules on Islamic sciences catered to the needs of mature participants.


Featured Programmes



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