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ALIM (Kelas Ugama Dewasa)

Currently Available Modules

ALIM: Tasmi' Al-Qur'an

ALIM: Asas Solat

ALIM: Tahsin Solat

Adult Learners' Islamic Modules (ALIM), or formerly known as Kelas Agama Dewasa (KAD), is a Fardhu ‘Ain and Fardhu Kifayah series on the basics of solat and Qur’anic literacy catered to the needs of mature participants.

ALIM is targeted to adults aged 21 years and above and will be mainly conducted in Malay.

There are five modules that each participant may choose from:

  • Asas Solat

  • Tahsin Solat

  • Tasmi' Al-Qur’an

  • Bahasa Arab Al-Qur'an


Imad Perdaus Bukit Batok, Imad Perdaus Bedok & Online


Cash, NETS or PayNow

Tasmi' Al-Qur'an

Individual sessions tailored for those who need to improve on their reading of the Qur’an with the guidance of a teacher by the talaqqi (face to face) method.

Objectives of module:

  • To provide individual attention to participants according to their needs in Qur’an recitation

  • Participants will be able to khatam their Qur’an reading with confidence

Programme level:

Beginner & Intermediate



Programme fee: 


Textbook fee (optional) :

One-time payment of $14

Registration fee:

One-time payment of $20 (waived for Adult Classes alumni)

Overview of Programme Slots:

See registration form for the schedule


Bukit Batok, Bedok and online

Please note that our programme fees will be subject to change in 2024.

Our ALIM Modules

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