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Madrasah Perdaus

Holistic Islamic Education with Experiential Learning

Madrasah Perdaus offers 3 programmes

Madrasah Perdaus (Kindergarten/Primary


Learn Islam with

a hands-on approach!

Nurturing confident young Muslims, our future leaders.

A registered Islamic education centre under IECP.


Madrasah Perdaus is an Islamic education centre that provides holistic programmes to nurture young Muslims with strong leadership and character development, contributing to the community through experiential learning.


ilmu, amal, ihsan!

Students are not limited to confines of the classroom in learning and appreciating Islam. They enjoy fieldtrips and camps as part of their learning landscape and holistic development. As they grow older, they are empowered with leadership opportunities and role-model for younger students - creating a sustainable system of tarbiyyah.

As an education centre in Imad Perdaus, we are accredited under the Islamic Education Centres and Providers (IECP). Our teachers are fully trained and follow guidance as laid out by the Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB).

Age Range : 5 to 17 years old

  • Kindergarten (Saturdays)

  • Primary (Saturdays)

  • Secondary (Sundays)

Madrasah Perdaus

Madrasah Perdaus offers quality, holistic and structured weekend Islamic education for children who are from the pre-school level to primary and secondary level.

Our aim is to shape young Muslims to be comfortable with and appreciate their Muslim identity and thus we approach the learning of Islam in a very hands-on manner.

Fardhu 'Ain Foundation

The Fardhu 'Ain Foundation programme is offered as a bridging class for students in upper primary and secondary levels who have no basic Islamic religious knowledge.

After the completion of this course, students will be streamed to the class level appropriate for their respective ages in Madrasah Perdaus.

Age Range : 11 to 15 years old

Primary and Secondary

Bukit Batok:




Fardhu 'Ain


Bridging Programme


Our Locations

Bukit Batok:

Blk 364 Bukit Batok Street 31 #01-259

Singapore 650364

Tel: 6513 2300


Blk 125 Bedok North Road #01-115

Singapore 460125

Tel: 6513 2315


Supporting Programme


lqra classes are for the recognising of Arabic letters and learning/improving basic Arabic recitation. The classes can be stand-alone sessions or used as remedial lessons for current Madrasah Perdaus students.

Age Range :

7 to 16 years old

Primary and Secondary

Once a week:

Saturdays /Sundays

Twice a week:

Bukit Batok:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Wednesdays and Thursdays

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