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Let’s raise a righteous community with Zakat

Why Should I Give Zakat to Perdaus?

Zakat is an obligation for all Muslims who meet the Zakat criteria. When you give out Zakat, you are purifying your wealth by apportioning it to those who have a right to share under Islamic law.

Zakat is different from donation. If you wish to donate to Perdaus instead, please click here.

As a centre for education, outreach, and da’wah in aspiring to our vision of a righteous society, your Zakat contributions will help in our efforts to enrich the community and beyond.

Perdaus is not an IPC, and hence does not issue tax deduction receipts.



Thank you for choosing Perdaus for your Zakat contribution. May Allah bless you with continued bountiful rizq.


We accept online transfers through PayNow, account, and ATM transfers.


⁠We currently accept walk-in Zakat collection at our offices, via appointment only (please call before heading to our office) and with safe distancing measures in place.

Please make your way to the one most convenient for you:
East: Blk 125 Bedok North Road #01-115 Singapore 460125
Tel: 6513 2315
West: Blk 364 Bukit Batok St 31 #01-259 Singapore 650364
Tel: 6513 2300

Opening Hours
During the school term:9 am to 5 pm, Tuesday – Sunday
(Closed during public holidays)
Please note that Saturdays and Sundays are our peak periods.

During the school holidays:9 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday
(Closed during public holidays)

Modes of Payment
We accept these modes of payment:

 · Cash
 · Cheque

 · PayNow
 · Bank transfer
   (ATM or online banking)

What You Need to Bring
We need the following for your Zakat contribution:
 · Your calculated Zakat amount
 · Your identification card
 · Your contact details

Following the aqad for your Zakat contribution, you will receive:
 · An official receipt for your Zakat contribution
 · A small token of appreciation

Please note that we will not institute a handshake for the aqad, due to safe distancing measures.

Mobile Amil

⁠We have a Mobile Amil home collection service for the Zakat amount of $500 or more, by appointment only.
We accept cash, cheque, and PayNow.

Please note that we will not institute a handshake for the aqad, due to safe distancing measures.

Please call 8127 3729 (Ustaz Raja) to book our Mobile Amil.


⁠We accept only cheques for Zakat contributions by post. 
⁠Please download this form and complete it.

Prepare a crossed cheque to “Perdaus” and write “Zakat” on the back of the cheque. Please attach it with the completed form and send it to:

Attn: Zakat
Blk 361 Bukit Batok St 31
#01-467 Singapore 650361



Our services benefit diverse needs that fulfill Zakat requirements. They include:

  • Dakwah programmes

  • Community and humanitarian programmes

  • Fees for needy Perdaus students and participants

  • Educational sponsorships

  • Maintenance and operations of Perdaus as a whole

Perdaus will disburse the Zakat fund according to the needs of our beneficiaries for the year.

Perdaus will also publicise the disbursement of the Zakat funds for the year when the time comes, and include the disbursement in our Annual Reports.


  • The criteria for zakat on wealth:
    · The payer must be Muslim
    · The payer has full ownership of his wealth
    · The nisab is met
    · The haul is met

  • A nisab is the minimum amount of wealth that you must have to meet the conditions of Zakat.
    The value of nisab changes each month, depending on the value of gold. For the latest nisab amount, please check it at Muis.

    The nisab amount for gold (not for usage) is 86 grams. For silver, it is 600 grams.

  • A haul is the period of one Hijri year that you have had full ownership of your wealth, to meet the conditions of Zakat.

  • Zakat is a pillar of Islam. It is incumbent upon a Muslim to give part of his wealth (2.5%) to Zakat if he meets the conditions.

    Donation is voluntary giving or sadaqah. It is encouraged for Muslims to give a part of their wealth voluntarily for the sake of Allah.

    A person may continue to donate even if he does not meet the conditions for giving Zakat.

  • Zakat is the fourth pillar of Islam. It is incumbent upon a Muslim to contribute part of his wealth to Zakat if he meets the conditions.

    Fidyah is a penalty that a person has to pay for missing certain religious obligations due to valid reasons. For example, missing the fast during Ramadhan due to sickness, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

For Queries

Please contact us for any questions on Zakat by:


⁠Bedok: 6513 2315
⁠Bukit Batok: 6513 2300

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