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Our History


Allahyarham Kiyai Fadlullah Suhaimi,

first advisor to Perdaus

Perdaus at the Beginning

Perdaus has thrived for the past 50 years, with Allah's will, while remaining true to its mission - a platform for dakwah that encompasses spiritual, social and intellectual development.

The 1950's to 1960's saw the rapid growth of religious classes for adults. On the advice of the late Kiyai Fadhullah Suhaimi, Perdaus was established in an effort to group and systemise these religious classes under an organised religious movement.


In 1964, Perdaus was formally registered as "Persatuan Pelajar-Pelajar Agama Dewasa Singapura" (Association of Adult Religious Class Students of Singapore).

Walk down memory lane with us as we look at some of the many achievements of our most passionate pioneers.

Spreading Da'wah at the Singapore southern islands and isolated villages

As part of its extensive dakwah efforts, Perdaus activists visited far-flung villages to inculcate religious education literacy to villagers who had otherwise no access to religious education and learning.

Combating deviant teachings within the community

Concerned with instances of deviant teachings in the community, Perdaus took to the mantle of "pembanteras ajaran sesat". Allahyarham Ustaz Haji Embek Ali, our late patron and former President, was a key figure in championing this cause and led Perdaus in educating the public with awareness campaigns and counseling to followers of these deviant teachings.

Marriage Preparation Courses

Perdaus was one of the earliest providers of marriage guidance courses in Singapore, during a time when a structured effort in reaching out to young couples embarking on their marriages were unheard of.

Perdaus published this book in 2001 in collaboration with the Office of Mufti, MUIS

A Perdaus meeting in 1963 at the house of Allahyarham Kiyai Fadlullah Suhaimi.


The new leadership with then-president Allahyarham Ustaz Embek Ali.

Regeneration of Perdaus

In 1993, Perdaus welcomed a group of young Muslim professionals who wanted to serve the community.

This youthful leadership rekindled the sense of mission in Perdaus that drove the earlier generation of its activists.

This period sees the expansion of Perdaus and refocused Perdaus' core programmes in equipping the community with the critical knowledge and skills that will help shape the development of a virtuous and progressive society.

The many initiatives of this new outlook branded Perdaus as innovative in reaching out to the community, some of which are highlighted below.

Formation of lyad Child Development

Perdaus founded lyad in 1993, one of the earliest child care providers by Malay Muslim organisations in Singapore. Besides having a stake in early childhood development, it provided a much-needed service for the modernising Muslim community. First opened in Jurong East, other centres in Masjid Rahimabi and Jalan Singa soon followed.

Certified Islamic Education and Learning for Adults

In an effort to deliver structured and formal religious education for adults, Perdaus signed MOUs with several Malaysian colleges and universities to benefit the growing demands of adult learners in a local setting. Perdaus again was one of the few early providers of certified programmes with diplomas and degrees for adults.

Perdaus activists and lyad teachers at an lyad centre.

The convocation of a diploma tie-up programme with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.


Formation of Saff

Saff started off as a Muslim uniformed youth leadership programme launched in 1994 by Perdaus together with several mosques and a madrasah. The programme eventually evolved into Perdaus' youth wing offering Muslim youth outdoor experiential values-centred learning. Over a span of more than 10 years, Saff-Perdaus was a leading Muslim youth group pioneering creative and impactful youth programmes such as Ramadan Rocks and Perkasa Camp, which have contributed to youth dynamism in the community.

Saff-Perdaus was inaugurated by Mr Abdullah Tarmugi on 19 August 1994.


Management of Madrasah Al-Irsyad

Perdaus was appointed to manage Madrasah Al-Irsyad by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) in 1996. It introduced various innovative efforts in making the madrasah a more dynamic institution, such as telethon fundraising and uniformed groups for students.

During a Madrasah Al-Irsyad Telethon event.


Hijrah Walk and Night Explorer

The first Hirah Walk was held in 1997 in the month of Muharram - the start of the Islamic New Year. The walk which was later rebranded as Night Explorer in 2000 attracted thousands of youths and families, both Muslims and non-Muslims as organisers and participants.

A Night Explorer just being flagged off at Hougang stadium.


BMT Guidebook

"Boy Meets Tekong: NS Guidebook for Muslims" was a publication project initiated by Saff in collaboration with Muis in 2000. It was the first publication of its kind in giving light-hearted and practical tips for Muslims in performing their religious obligations while undergoing National Service training. The book has spawned workshops and training programmes called "Boys2Men" and is still being referred to by successive batches of new Muslims entering NS.

The ever-green Boy Meets Tekong guidebook.


Formation of Mercy Relief

As Perdaus aimed to engage and be of benefit to "Not only Malays. Not only Muslims. Not only Singaporeans", Mercy Relief was established in 2001, as an international humanitarian organization and became the first Muslim organisation in Singapore with a disaster humanitarian relief wing. By 2003, Mercy Relief was strategically launched as an independent charitable non-governmental humanitarian organisation and conferred the Institute of Public Character (IPC) status to have a greater outreach and impact to the global community.

The initial launch of Mercy Relief as reported by Perdaus' newsletter.

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